"I was scared"

From Stereogum dot com, Rivers Cuomo blows the lid off Adorbsville (check your GPS, it's near Avenal)

My heart is re-dedicated when I am reminded what a fantastic pop songwriter Rivers is. I must've listened to this on repeat about sixty times today. Still, I miss the mustache. Asthetically, that was my favorite Rivers makeover but beggars can't be choosers when you riding the lightning somewherez between Jeff Foxworthy and Abraham Lincoln.

Harvard Graduate Rivers:

Soccer Lumberjack Rivers:

Classic Rivers (aka when we started "seeing" one another. I won't give you details because stories about making out with my arm and pretending its him while looking at his picture in Rolling Stone would make your knees far too weak)

Ok, here's where it's about to get nasty. I'LL SAY IT. I don't even think Weezer's worst album is as bad as most stuff I hear. Maybe it's nostaligia talking, maybe it's my love of guys who have surgeries to elongate one leg. Either way, it's NOT THE HOT CHOCOLATE. You know what I'm talking about, boychoir.

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