Now I am 28.

At the end of October, Jenn and Adam went through the trouble of organizing a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY!! for me. I couldn’t have been more honored and hand-wringing and excited! I am very lucky to have these people in my life, they have made me laugh when I’ve needed it most and been there when I needed to collapse.

Jenn took a ton of pictures, and I was elated when I saw them! Here are my favorites.

First stop:

Picnic outside Storyland. Adam and Jenn brought sandwiches and drinks. Jenn got my favorite mother’s milk, Diet Pepsi. I loved all of the little details. Homemade panninis and fresh baked cookies from Kim.

I was so happy to see my godson, Cary! He is such a little boy now. Ugh. Lava.

Roeding Park Storyland, one of my favorite places. My only complaint? NEEDS MORE GLITTER!

I am pretty sure I was given a crown as a sarcastic move. I usually follow up my wants and dislikes with, “what am I, a princess?” Such as, “Ugh, owning a bed…what am I, a princess?”

Check out Kim Burly’s teethers, those babies are perfect.

My favorite!!!

We also went to the Downing Planetarium. I had told Adam awhile ago that I hadn’t been in years and loved it. So I was blindfolded and we saw STARS!

Then we headed to the Corn Maze!

Later that night we headed to Jenn’s house, where we watched a Mary Kate and Ashley movie! I was presented with a home made Tegan Cake.

Now entering Yumtown

& Hugtown


Jenn said...

Hugtown, population: you + me!

sarah marie p said...

Happy late birthday!

Your birthday sounds like it was the most fun EVER! Wow!! Love all the adventures and all the awesome pictures!

p.s. John says he likes Adam's beard!