"Quiche la poodle! Quiche lorraine!"

Brother Justin: I am saving my New Years kiss for Mary Kate.

Aurora: True class.

Brother Justin: that is going to be my official new year's cover story

Aurora: "Justin, meet mary kate. Mary Kate, Justin." Justin: *mute*

Brother Justin: No way!

Aurora Armijo: Mary Kate: *smoochy face toward Justin*

Brother Justin: Justin: "I have loved you since I first saw you on Full House (hopefully that wasn't Ashley)"

Brother Justin: Mary Kate: "You are my rehab!"

Aurora Armijo: Yessssss

Brother Justin: Justin: "Let us share a storybook kiss". Mary Kate: "TOTES"

Brother Justin: Mary Kate: "I am goo goo for you, doll"

Aurora: Hsahshahaaaa. That's really good, Justin.

Brother Justin: This could go on forever and i'd still eat it up. What if I really did kiss Mary Kate on New Year's? I would have the best year of anyone ever.

Aurora: oh my god.

Brother Justin: I would call you immediately. Like as soon as the lip lock ended.

Aurora: Do you know how many times I would call you after that and ask you to detail every second of it? And you'd be like, "I am a GENTLEMAN. PLZ SISTER GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT MY CELEB ROMANZE"

Brother Justin: No way. I would turn that star-crossed moment into a softcore novella. I would never brush my teeth again.

Aurora: But you'd have her brush your hair?

Brother Justin: O_O. I wishhh. Whoever i end up kissing, i am going to imagine it is Mary Kate

Aurora: That's horrible! Don't do that!

Brother Justin: What why? Alright alright.

Aurora: I would feel bad for the lady! You'd want to kiss someone else!

Brother Justin: She would never know. Besides, she'd probably be imagining I was someone else too.

Aurora: You can't start the year with insincerity!

Brother Justin: ...like Justin Timberlake.

Aurora: Well J.T. is pretty good at dancing, so that is a different story.

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Brother Justin said...

I am still not ruling out this possibility for 2010.