What I Wore.

I couldn't tell you the numeric dates for when I wore each of these (save for the purple outfit, which I am wearing as we speak). But just know that they were worn.

Worn to the Fresno Fairgrounds for Hmong New Year:

Scarf in hair (I was going for a flapper vibe,but I don't think it worked too well): bottom of an old tshirt I wrapped around my head
t-shirt: Cho's cast-off
hoodie: Cho's cast-off
dark-rinse jeans: Mossimo, at Goodwill on Shaw (near Fresno State)
boots: Mom's

Worn to Jefferson and Tracy's photoshoot in the Tower District.

Scarf around neck: I honestly don't remember where this came from. A friend? A thrift store? That's likely.
tshirt: Cho's cast-off
cardigan: Merona, via Goodwill on Shaw
skirt(s--there are two layered on top of one another for extra poofiness): Richard Chai for Go International/Target, via Goodwill on Shaw)
tights (they were too short so I cut off the toes, and now they are leggings): Goodwill on Blackstone
shoes: Charlotte Rousse, Goodwill on Blackstone

Today, for an interview with a paper about painting.

Dress: Richard Chai for Go International/Target, via Goodwill on Shaw
Belt: no brand, Goodwill on Shaw
Mary janes (I am so glad I got these. they go with everything!): Goodwill on Blackstone

I know from this post it seems like I only shop at three stores! Well, that's kinda true. I like to look through everything and then just end up finding the best stuff in my size at these thrift stores. I find brand new clothing there all the time, along with the fun vintage stuff.


The Loss Adjuster said...

There must be some amazing Goodwills in Fresno, because your outfits are always so fabulous!

Anne Schumacher said...

You are so cute.
You inspire me! Now I want to make a blog about what I wear...sounds like fun.

sarah marie p said...

You look gorgeous! Why you gotta be so neato burrito?! Ohmygosh, the last dress looks so beautiful on you! LOVE!

p.s. my word verification is "chomie" -- like CHO mie! or .. My Cho!