White heat!

I spent last night putting together my booth. I’ve done a lot of fairs and pop-ups with my work, but I actually had the time to put something together (however meager it might be). I made a little sign and 80 business cards to hand out at my booth. It’s nutz! SIGN! CARDS!

They’re for Saturday. I was asked to participate in a craft fair over at La Luna Loca, from 11 – 4pm. See how I’m noting the time and the date? That means you should come! I don’t know what other crafters are going to be there, but since a tattoo parlor is running the thing, it’s sure to not be overrun with boring crap (that’s subjective. I am hoping for apple butter. I could slather that stuff onto tree bark and be a happy camper). I’ll be selling all of my original pieces—mostly from my show in September—for a pittance. I gotta get rid of this stuff, so I have room to make new pieces.

Seriously, cheap, make me an offer. I might trade you for apple butter.

Here are some good things that I love a whole lot:

Kime Buzzelli’s snowboard:

And Brendan Donnelly’s dog t-shirts:

Well, I gotta go get right with God. Meaning, stuffing my face with cilantro and tomatoes, maybe eat a rice cake and pass out on my apartment staircase. My boyfriend just told me he’s barfing at home. This after he tripped at two in the morning. I swear we could use some normalcy!

Oh p.s. My cat, Mary Kate, has been such a little jerk lately! I thought he would calm down once he got fixed, but he didn’t…not much anyway! If you have any tips for calming down a TERROR then please let me know. We have tried using a spray bottle to teach him bad from good behavior, but he’s got this Laterian Idolization thing going on. It's impossible to cuddle with him when I'm filled with rage!!! Ugh.


Anonymous said...

sorry about the cat. they're all little assholes at that age. no joke.

did i tell you that you got into an art show my ex couldnt? the bukowski one. whoa, i know. either way, i need to put you in touch with him because he curates shows in LA all the time and would dig your stuff. he could probably get you a few pieces into something. apparently people are buying stuff there still.


sarah marie p said...

Good luck at your show! SO fun! Oh noes, poor Adam! Hope he feels better ASAP!

And OMG, I love that you called MK a Laterian! HAHAH. Hilarious! Good luck with that bad kitty! I def know what bad kitties are all about! My babies are the worst!

Laura said...

Kitties are bad because they are bored ones. get a laser pointer for them to run all their craziness out around the apartment. Latarian is my new hero, What did he say? I like to do bad things becasue it feels good? awesomeness.