Drew Fairymore

I was really, really young when my obsession with Drew Barrymore began. I have always been a very obsessive person, so it was no wonder that I would gravitate toward anyone in the media, as I gravitated toward certain writers, playthings, music, illustrations, or certain garments.

I read her biography, I clipped out photos and articles. I know it sounds silly, but I felt a little bit kindred with Drew, like maybe if I knew more I could get a little bit of that magic. She had a lot of sadness and she kept smiling and trying to be optimistic. I liked those silly little daisies, the short hair, the cheap slips-as-dresses. She was the first person I saw making "disdainful" choices publicly, and being confident. I was 12, moving every 6 months. Grasping for anything.

There was a while when I stopped caring. Drew started making romantic comedies and didn't seem that interesting anymore. It wasn't so much the chaos that I loved about her, it was that she seemed charming and heartfelt about those decisions. The clipping and the reading stopped. Bad jokes written by Adam Sandler continued.

I was really surprised when I saw the 20th Anniversary Issue of Pop this afternoon. I couldn't resist the cover--it looked like the Drew of 15 years ago that I fell in love with. Gorgeous light, grungy cozy clothing, and lips dark to set her face off like a cameo. I opened it up, and found some more lovelies.

My absolute favorite:

I dare not speak too soon, but this shoot is such a return to form that I want to exclaim that Drew is back! DREW RAW! That would be my favorite Drew. Older, wiser, and not afraid to show her scabs and be blonde with fried ends again. That's all I ask. D.B., put on your Fluevogs. I'm waiting.


sarah marie p said...

I LOVE Drew ... One time somebody said I looked like Drew Barrymore and it was the greatest compliment ... doesn't she seem like she's be just so real ... such a kindred spirit? I love these photos.

The Loss Adjuster said...

I'll admit it. I have a stupidlittleboycrush on Drew Barrymore. There! I said it!

Elizabeth said...

I'll be Winona to your Drew.