Doug did my Tara McPherson heart last night (Mike, do you recognize it?). I hadn't planned on it, but I think I'd like to turn this into a half sleeve. Doug did a great job. I'll give him a billion Starbucks cards and some meat for his efforts, especially since I didn't give him any preparation time. <2

Also, I can see why people get their arms done so often. Why did I wait? It was not bad at all compared to what I've had on my ribs and leg and even my back.


Centa said...

cute!! what else would you put on the sleeve?

(ribs = painfulest)

The Loss Adjuster said...

A Tara McPherson tatt? Okay, now I'm in love! Lolz.

sarah marie p said...


*jimaie.marie* said...

ooo!!! i love the colors!! i want to do it so bad but i'm scaredddd. not of the pain but of the aftermath...i dont know if i'll regret the placement??? i want to so bad tho! you're awesome.