At the show yesterday, Graham drew on the La Luna Loca sandwich board. This was a Star Wars battle:

This girl owns my heart:

I think this was around three, and I was already on my second drink. It is so decadent to be tipsy in the afternoon!

Jorge came out! I hadn't seen him in years. We went to high school together way back when.

Todd time! Lava that boy.

I was so happy about the way the show went--lots of people came out, and I felt so supported and loved. I can't imagine ending my time in Fresno any other way. This town has been so good to me.

Thank you for taking the time to see me, be sweet to me, and taking my work home with you.

Lava. xo


jze said...

Lava your face. As mine is totes drunk or high. Your pick.

sarah marie p said...

Eeeee where's my Jarvis Cocker picture? ;)

You looked so smashing at your art show! So glad we got a chance to come out for a bit. Check your paypal -- your $$$ is (finally) there!

Lava you!