Pancake Day.

Rhyne and I went to lunch at the IHOP downtown to video blog (it'll come soon) and get some free pancakes.

Then I headed over to Kim's for her Mardi Gras/Trashy 26th Burly Birthday Pancake Extravaganza!

Dr. Flapjack was in charge of churning out the pancakes. First was the epic blueberry:

And then the epic Faygo pancake!

Dr. Flapjack is all an artist, so it only stands to reason that he would be up on the presentation. And do not be deceived; he did indeed make syrup out of Faygo as well.

I decree that the redpop flavor of Faygo is not pleasing!


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The Loss Adjuster said...

I totally got free pancakes with a friend today, too. But I forgot my camera, because I suck. BTW, you are obscenely cute. But you probably already knew that. Lava the extensions, btw...