Through the apocalypse.

At around two yesterday, I pulled up to my apartment, got out of my truck, and promptly dropped my phone. A man with a filled up grocery cart yelled at me. "Pick that Razor up! You need to take care of it!" I yelled back that I drop it all the time, and I'm surprised that it hasn't totally conked out. He came up to me and proceeded to tell me what he finds in the trash.

"I just found a Blackberry in a dumpster--the casing was scuffed but otherwise it works fine. So now I have a 100 dollar phone bill." He smiled. "Look, I've found so much stuff. If you find a new computer box in the dumpster, there's usually an old computer that got thrown out too. I have seven computers right now, and only one of them doesn't work."

My face must've expressed shock because he smiled again. "I do better with my cart and the dumpster than I ever did with a job." I thanked him for the conversation and continued walking.

I told my neighbor about this later, and he made the point that maybe we are doing this all wrong--that maybe it wasn't so ridiculous that everything we need should be carried on our back. I like our conversations because he gets what I've been thinking about for years, like he knew the purpose of my immersion project before he knew I did it. "Unemployment", he went on, "takes you back to basics. You wake up and go to bed whenever you want. You realize what's important to you."

My interest in a minimalist way of living is continually prodded every time I move. The less I have to worry about and weigh me down, the better. I love being able to pack my stuff up in a day and leave. I do continually think about how my life might be enriched by not having a vehicle or a cell phone.

Maybe that's next on the list. I want to take advantage of every chance for growing that I have here.


The Loss Adjuster said...

It certainly is freeing to live without belongings. Or, at least, fewer belongings. I guess it all comes down to what makes you happy. As long as you're happy, however you're living is worth it.

Laura said...

I absolutely agree with this. Made a plan to only drive my car twice a week, it's a start. And, sooner than later it will die. I wonder why this guy feels 7 computers are good, why doesn't he sell the other 6? For living out of the garbage isn't 7 computers gluttonous?