Love letters to Lykke Li

So I had to call AT&T last night to reset my password for my internet. The woman that was helping me said that she had to ask me a security question. I hate these sorts of things because I do usually try to trick myself. If I can trick myself, then surely no one else can hack me, right? Well, I was a little TOO clever because the security question was "who is your favorite singer?" I consider this a trick question on their end because my answer usually changes so much. I guessed The Pixies, The Mountain Goats (at Ben's suggestion), and uh, Elvis?? At that point I was just grasping for straws.

I never figured out what my answer was to the security question. Ugh! I wonder what I chose initially. It seems that I will never not have a reason to talk to AT&T.

Right now I am loving Lykke Li, but I know I did not pick her as my answer!


Anonymous said...

You probably said Jonathan Richman.

Milissa Renee said...

Tegan and Sara? :p

Ashley said...

or kevin barnes!