Moving On.

It's been awhile since I've done an outfit post. In L.A., I don't really get dressed up since I wear a uniform to work. I think it's been at least two months, and my hair has grown and I think somehow I lost some weight.

Cream wrap-around sleeveless dress, Goodwill (tag cut out)
Lace slip with pink bow, Goodwill, 99 cents!
Black heels, Goodwill (Cloudwalkers)

I like this outfit because it's a little Star Wars-esque. That said, I'm starting to think that maybe I'm looking more like a woman, and less like a girl playing dress up. Getting older is a trip. I was telling Dan that sometimes I watch other females and know I'll never be THAT GIRL. I won't be able to yell "See ya later, Sexy!" at someone I've just met. I won't be able to look pulled together all the time. Most of the time, I have less than half a plan.

Back to my regular life, which on my days off now includes calling AT and T about three times a day and asking, "what's the deal with my internet?Seriously, throw me a bone" (I've been paying for it since Friday, and I still have NO CONNECTION). Mother's Day was spent sucking down mimosas with Beth and later hanging with her and Dan. Honestly, I'm looking forward to cleaning my hovel and setting things up the way I want them today. I've been here so long, and still haven't done it.

P.S. Ate a lunch a few weeks ago with Anthony Hopkins. More notably, I saw my ex-boyfriend Donald Faison at The Griddle yesterday. He was with another lady, and I was with Beth. SO AWKWARD. Remember when we dated in high school?

Moving on.


Kim Burly said...

"Cause Im keepin' it real."

The Loss Adjuster said...

You look fantastic, as always!

Anonymous said...

youre so beautiful

*jimaie.marie* said...

i'm loving this outfit!!! makes me want to go thrifting so badly, i haven't been out in awhile and now OF COURSE it's sweltering here! the shops downtown are killer in the summah heat.
but i must press on! ;D