Suspender belt connundrum

This is only 80 bucks!

On my search for a semi-elusive six-strap suspender belt:

I don't know how Victoria's Secret did it, but they managed to make a garter belt that ventures into bad maternity-looking wear. :(

I don't like ruffles on my belt, but don't mind em on my panties

How do you expect to hold up stockings with four straps?? These people are bananas, or maybe I am just too much of a clothing slob and won't buy proper stockings.

Why did I get rid of all of my garter belts? That was a foolish teenage mistake. Now I'm feel like I'm a few nifty in the hole, and not properly attired like a lady. Someone please cue Swan Lake.

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Laura said...

gah! I just found a cute christian dior belt at the thrift. I couldnt believe I have never worn one, and needed to spoil myself.