What I Wore 5.19.09

No surprise--I bought my new favorite dress at the thrift store. I had these sweet Beatrix Potter buttons from years ago, and felt that this dress was the perfect thing for them to be attached to.

This isn't the best picture, but this dress has tiny apples all over it.

I went bowling about a month ago for Beth's birthday, and was taken with bowling shoes. I was totally shocked when I found this brand new pair in my size at the thrift store a few days later. Perfect!

Dress- Coco and Chase (Goodwill, $7)
Shoes-Linds Exxxtra (Goodwill, $7.50)

I found a ton of other things I wanted to pick up at the thrift store yesterday. Luckily, I have irrational rules for myself that keep me from going nuts and spending past fourteen dollars.

What's your favorite thrift store find?


Daniel Schultz said...

hah-cha-cha. Looking quite snazzy there, my friend.

I found a brand new pair of bowling shoes at Yoshi Now! a few years ago for 10 bucks... to this day, people are still super impressed by them. And they're a perfect brown color, so they go with everything from business casual to city night-life (although that's not saying much, because my wardrobe doesn't really differentiate between those two).

Ashley said...

gorgeous! i have to admit, i don't thrift shop. i might start considering it though, haha.

Anonymous said...

I found a Wonderbread T-shirt at the Salvation Army store. I wore it until it had holes in both pits and on the seams in the shoulders.

Famous said...

Those bowling shoes are super-expensive fancy if you were to buy them new. It's almost a shame that you are not using them to bowl.