What I Wore 6.2.09

Normally I wouldn't post this outfit, since it's just a shirt and jeans, but I bought these SICK shoes two days ago and can't take them off! I love that they make me taller than Ben.

I was hesitant to buy them, only because they are grey, rather than my usual black. I'm glad I took a risk--I love the way they look with my grey jeans (the only pair of jeans I have anymore!).

Racer back tank- O'Neil (Goodwill, $3)
Jeans- Zana Di (I cannot remember, maybe Marshalls? $11)
Heels- Forever 21 ($26)

I had been hunting for Mary Kate heels (that's what I'll call them here--they were garnering a far more offensive name via text with friends), and these fit the bill. Makes me want more redic, crazy shoes!

I wear this outfit alot. Summer uniform!


Ashley said...

seriously. i fucking love those shoes!

The Loss Adjuster said...

Looking way coolio!

Anonymous said...

im so jealous of how pretty you are.