Engagement Party and Recovery.

Engagement Party Part 1, last night:

Followed by Recovery, today:


Centa said...

So many congrats on your engagement!!

My engagement party had a similar before and after, except that Jay also did the tootsie roll for my parents.

Whenever you are ready to go there, I know of some good wedding blogs.

sarah marie p said...

Congrats, Rory!
Ohmygosh, this is so exciting!

Your party looks like it was SO MUCH FUN!

You and Ben are such cuties together.

And I also have to add that your hair looks amazing!

Can't wait to hear all about your wedding!


*jimaie.marie* said...

omg, you're engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aurore that is SO EXCITING!! omg, congrats, what a fun party! :D You guys are adorable together, yayyyyyyy!!
I'm totes loving your hair btw!