Happy Steve Martin's Birthday!

I received a text from Jefferson on Friday: "Happy Steve Martin's birthday!" I couldn't believe that I had forgotten, and I was at work! What a pickle to be in. Some friends and I used our lunch break to go across the street to the grocery store and get the party started!

Malachi Ward made an awesome card (google search him, he's amazing). We left it in the break room and people signed it.

My favorite was "I wish you were my dad". Hilarious.

Funnest Friday! Thanks for having a birthday, Steve!


Anonymous said...

your officially one of my favorite people... Ur up next to Steve martin


with_all_hope said...

somewhere in all of my pics of college I know I have one of the Steve Martin cross....i know this because anytime somebody sees it they give me a look that I just don't know if I can satisfy with saying: Aurora!

diskothiq said...