Love letter to pop culture.

I came into Pancakes and Booze happy enough; I was surrounded by good friends and had just eaten cake. Upon arrival I went to the restroom and ran into LAURA! She and Ben had been planning her surprise visit and it worked. I was so shocked to see her that I screamed (yes, really, like an overexcited child!) and then started crying.

Best surprise EVER! I was not expecting her and knowing that she drove from San Diego to come to my first show here just filled my heart with joy. I was so grateful that my friends showed up, and that the place was so packed. I had been warned that upwards of 300 people go to these things, and it wasn't a lie.

Yikes! Nice.


Laura said...

proud of you meow.

Jenn said...

Awww that's awesome! btw you should totally mail some of those to each of the people you made them of