"Splash", this weekend in Fresno.

Review of the piece I did for the Corridor 2122 show that is currently up, titled "Splash":

"The moment you walked into Corridor 2122 last night at ArtHop you could feel it: there was a buzz in the air, an electricity, a crackle of excitement. The fifth annual edition of the summer show "Splash" was here, and it was clear that curator William Raines had once again whipped together a lively, provocative, sophisticated show that he subtitles "Altered Narratives."

One thing that sets this annual event apart is its brevity. Rather than being on display for a month, as is traditional for most galleries, "Splash" is a brisk affair. In fact, that's one of the connotations of the title -- a splash lasts but for a moment. The show opened for ArtHop and is only on view Saturday and Sunday. (Hours are noon-4 p.m.)

Working in a variety of media, the 16 artists in the show enthusiastically dove into the theme. Among the highlights:

*Aurora Armijo's's "Kruller." This mixed-media piece has a loopy glee. The collage depicts a line drawing of a couple in ecstasy surrounded by a blizzard of floating frosted (and, yes, sexually suggestive) donuts. Also integral to the piece: a collection of pudgy raindrops and, inexplicably, a parking claim-check. The impact is whimsical yet sweetly erotic. Sugar glazed, anyone?"

--Donald Munro, The Fresno Bee

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