What I Wore 9.11.09

Vest- Reference (Goodwill on La Brea), $3
Dress- Forever 21 (via Jenn's hand-me-downs), free
Shoes- Tsubo (Ross in Visalia), $10.99
Belt- Grandmother's, from a different dress she had

I'm starting to feel like empire waists are played. The vest and belt are decent camo, and make me feel more like a lady.

Kim Burly has me excited about What I Wore again! Maybe we can be committed to this. TOGETHER!

These shoes were on clearance at Ross. Because they had some scuffs on them, the manager gave me an extra discount.

The nail polish is florescent! It practically glows. The picture does not do it justice. It's OPI's Strawberry Margarita. I might just like the name.

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Kim Burly said...

I've definitely been meaning to paint my nails bright pink, perhaps you can be my manicurist one of these days!