What We Wore 9.21.09

Yesterday was my day off, so I hightailed it to Fresno to hang with Kim Burly, Cary, and Mollie.

Kim wore:

Shirt: Rue 21 $5
Skirt: Norton Mc Naughton Thrift store find. Cut. $2
Brooch: Twilighter Bird from her own stash of shit she makes
Bandage: Nexcare 1.99
Shoes: TOMS $48

I wore:

Boots- Goodwill on Sunset, $7.99
Dress: Kim's closet, free!

Earlier that day Kim and I had a salon party. We put streaks of blue, pink, and turquoise in hers. I have some pink in mine now, but you can't really see it in the picture.

We also read her 5th grade diary and ate a Cosmo sandwich. Pecha Kucha night was at the Starline, and we met up with Laura, Cho, and Rhyne. It was really, really good to see my old friends again. I missed these people.

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Jenn said...

I'm really happy you included details on the bandage -- I wasn't going to rest until I knew what brand it was.