Engagement photos.

When Ben and I got engaged, I knew right away who I wanted to do our photos. There's only one person who can handle us--and that's Jenn Emerling. She's nothing short of amazing. That woman can wield a camera and eat a taco like nobody's business. I left everything in her capable hands. Jenn picked the location of our shoot, the aesthetic, and directed our poses (except for when I kept ripping Ben's shirt off. I've got needs). I'll shut up now. Here are the goodies.

I was really trying to get some sort of Harlequin romance vibe on that last one.


Jenn said...

"country gaga"

sarah marie p said...

These pictures are gorgeous! You are guys are too cute together. XOXO CONGRATS!!!

Rhodester said...

yeah, these pics make me giggle a little.

sarah marie p said...

Uh, just looked at my comment again, a week later ...

You ARE guys?

Hmm ... sometimes people say "you guys" meaning a group of two or more people, including boys or girls. That is fine. But I wouldn't tell you -- "You are guys." You are a LADY and he is your man.

I must have been sleepy. Sigh. I'm always sleepy.

.jimaie.marie. said...

HOLY CUTE! and then hilarious & then cute some
more! That probably pretty much wraps you guys up right there eh? Hilarious & cute? I'm thinkin so :D
these photos are gorgeous!! Seriously an adorable couple & I don't think I've officially said Congratulations!! Sooo, congrats my love! :)
Blessings <3 !