Georgia Jagger.

I just picked up the Winter issue of I-d and Georgia Jagger is making me want things like long blonde hair (I seem to always go back to wanting long blonde hair!) and purple leather jackets. I do wish she had changed up her expression; I'm sure she'd be adorable looking upset or coquettish. I'd love to see her in a really magnificent setting. C'mon Georgia, blow me away!


Rhodester said...

Is she a model? I'm really digging those front teeth, due to the unique quality there. It's unusual for an agency to take a chance on something that imperfect, but she's extremely cute. I'm all for throwing the cookie-cutter into the trash bin and giving unique a shot.

Aurore said...

She's an actress. I think she's promoting a show, but yeah, the diastama is what got me too, I thought she was Lara Stone at first. I kinda feel like agencies are generally copping that Lara Stone look right now (feline-like, semi-curvy, etheral and toothy). In fact, in this same issue there is a spread with Lara in it. She's really all over the place!

Rhodester said...

I wonder how many people told her she'd need to get her teeth fixed if she wanted any kind of success in Hollywood or New York. I'll bet more than a handful.

They said about Fred Astaire that he was too gangly and had a pear-shaped head. They also said that he "can't sing, can't act and can dance a little."

BTW, the captcha code I'm staring at in order to post this comment is "antse".. how fitting!