What I Wore 1.15.10

A new year means a more genuine attempt to document my clothing online. Back with the grey, black, and white clothes--nothing new there. What is new is that I was gifted with quite a few pairs of awesome legwear. I decided to slip on the Betsey Johnson tights today, which have been described as "perfect for you, Aurora, because you can't tell if they are cute or ugly".

The fake leather jacket is new, and I haven't taken it off in over a week. See my face? That face says, "touch this jacket and you will pay dearly."

Oh, those grey heels! I'm still wearing them a lot. They are now broken in and feel like slippers to me.

Black fake leather jacket: $19.99, Therapy by Lane Crawford
grey denim jumper: $5.99, Mossimo at Target
tights: gift from Jenn, Betsey Johnson
white shirt: gift from Cho
huge obnoxious red heart ring: $1 at Target
pink fabric flower for hair: $1 at Claire's

I hereby solemnly swear that I will update this tag more frequently, specifically at least once a week. That's reasonable, right?


Ben said...

damn girl, you fine! I can has some aurora??

Jenn said...

Those tights look fucking AMAZING with that outfit! You make me GaGa proud!