What I Wore 1.17.10

In a past life, I trained to be a ballerina. At a delicate age I was told I was too tall to even be part of the corps. My toes still look messed up, but it was worth it. Dance classes are amazing, and I hope to get back to it sometime soon. Til then, I'll dress up in tights and a minimized tutu.

I love this little off-white tutu, but it was too short for me. I put a black dress underneath it.

That's a Barbie necklace. It says, "Diggin It". I have no idea who conceptualized this thing, but boy howdy I'm glad they did. The other dangly is a locket, from What A Hoot Vintage and Jewelry on Etsy. I have had it over a year, and can't decide what to put in it. I keep debating between fire ashes and a music box that plays cat mews.

Bad pic, but I just wanted you to know that there are friggin cut-outs in this black dress!

Over the past week I have decided to embrace rings! I've always liked them, but now I feel there is no such thing as overboard.

And these were the epic score of a heel I got over a year ago. I attached some black and red fringe I got for my birthday (Kim knows how to treat me right!) during a craft night, and now they are sassy.

jean jacket: Gap via Goodwill in Visalia
black dress: no brand name via Goodwill in Visalia
black tights: no idea, they are sooo old
rings: vintage engagement ring from Ben, red heart is from Target dollar section, ballerina is from Goodwill on Blackstone in Fresno, and the round bejeweled gold dazzler was a gift from Elizabeth
necklaces: Barbie necklace from Wet Seal, locket from What A Hoot Vintage and Jewelry
skirt: Wet Seal
shoes: Fioni at Pay Less Shoe Source

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Mike H. said...

Rockin'! I think Cyndi Lauper used to wear tutus back in the day. :)