What I Wore 1.23.10

The last time I was in Fresno, I did my usual favorite thing to do up there--set out at the thrift shops. I felt like someone was rewarding me though, because rarely do I find things like this...three dresses from the new Rodarte collection at Target, for five dollars each!

I know, Target. It shouldn't be that special. But when these puppies came out in December, I read all over that they sold out really quickly. Not to mention that I'm such a cheapskate that I can't even comprehend paying forty bucks for a dress, if I were able to find it. That said, I really loved this collection and even was a little bummed knowing that I was not going to walk away with any of these. I bought the twelve dollar fishnets, hoping that would satiate me. That's a lot of money for legwear (I usually buy my tights in the dollar bin at thrift stores), but I reasoned that legwear is a staple for me and I'd be able to layer these with solids.

My tears must have been abundant enough though, because these three were waiting for me, all in my size. Totally weird. I'm happy, with this dress especially. It's just Courtney Love enough for me, and it's in mustard, the color that sold out right way. What the heck? Did someone buy these and couldn't return them? The tags were still hooked on!

I might forever be in shock.

I love the combination of blue and mustard together. FOREVER!

Dress- Rodarte for Target, $5 at Goodwill on Blackstone in Fresno
Fishnets- Rodarte for Target, $12 at Target in Visalia
Boots- $4.50 at Salvation Army on Shaw in Fresno
Scarf- Mom's
Jacket- Gap, via the Goodwill in Visalia

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Jenn said...

That dress is amazing! The fishnets go great with it! But I can't lie, I'm a little disappointed that you aren't wearing your "Jenn 4 Prom Queen" jacket as well.