What I Wore 2.10.10

Tonight we have a birthday party to go to! I know what you are thinking--who has a party on a weekday? And here is what I am thinking--who are you to question a party? We're going out to Long Beach, and then Jenn is popping over later. The party never ends!

I really love Rianna's makeup, and tried to get that look here. I need to go nuts with color! I lined my eyes in turquoise, and did hot pink lips.

The black bow tie is inspired by Pee Wee Herman, whom we saw Saturday night with our friends Steve and Dana. More people than I expected dressed up with Pee Wee ties. Made me happy! I think it might become a regular thing.

Bow tie- Ben's closet
Dress- Rodarte; Goodwill on Shaw in Fresno, $5
Tights- Can't remember, they've been around a long time
Boots- $4.50 at Salvation Army on Shaw in Fresno
Watch-$14 Gymboree