Calbi tacos at Corey Helford Gallery

Ben and I met our friend Jamie and her family at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City last Saturday. It was impromptu, and there were a ton of people dressed up, tons of art...and...

a taco truck.

Not just any taco truck, but the famed Calbi hybrid of taco and Korean food.

The gallery hosted the truck, which ment free tacos for us! I see these trucks all over Los Angeles (I think there are six of them), and I never try it because the lines usually swerve around the block, at least! So I had to make hay at the gallery.

I tried the veggie and the tofu tacos. The veggie was very spicy, and the tofu had seseme seed oil topping it. Just the scent of seseme seed oil makes me very happy, so I was content. Especially since it was free. We make most of our food at home and now I'm more inclined to start using seseme seed oil on random things!

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Nix Sidhe said...

I LAVA tacos. True story.