Lady Gaga-Telephone

I just watched the new Lady Gaga video, "Telephone". If you didn't think I was a fan before, now you can consider me a disciple.

Here is the video. OMGaga! I will list the things I love. As you watch you can make your own list! Share with me!

*"Prison for Bitches"-please, please tell me this is a reference to "Caged Heat". Please.
*Punk rock black nipple tape
*CIGARETTE SMOKING SUNGLASSES-who made these? I will make some. With candy cigarettes.
*Chola lipliner-dark lipliner and light lipstick, must try!
*Diet Coke can hair styling--homage to the orange juice curling method of the 1950's? Could be my brain going overboard but I'm hoping that whomever had that idea was thinking about the classic young adult novel "Go Ask Alice", about one of those bad girls. Ohhh, bad!
*Prison bitch dance party
*white nail polish
*Lady Gaga busts out a moderated Michael Jackson dance move homage as she leaves prison
*Beyonce admonishing Gaga! "A very, very very bad girl, GAGA!" I love seeing Beyonce as this sassy woman. About time!
*The Pussy Wagon returns!
*Gaga's blue retro phone hat--futuristic and retro at the same time
*hair phone
*Beyonce's America flag pinup dress--she's always flawless, but this time she's actually hot
*Crazy one piece Halston-y hat'n'dresses. When one thinks of Halston flowy-ness, one should always sing triumphant with poison. I shouldn't even have to write that out.

I would like to take a moment to thank whoever the genius is that styles Lady Gaga. SO GOOD. I love the bright colors, no joke, but I adore how referential and clever this stuff is. Hair phone? Sculptural hair seems so retro, but so does a phone, you know? You can't escape if it's attached to your head. UGH.

I sent this email to Jenn and Kim:






I have loved before, surely, but never have I been so inspired and excited and GIDDY about a pop star. I don't know how much of it is Lady Gaga or her team or whatEVER. I don't care. Gaga's the real deal, making herself a hero that's just as at home on the cover of Cosmo as in a heart shaped frame on my desk. She can write, she can play, she can provoke and create discussion.

That's my LADY.


jze said...

*eating the pastry after prison is the equivalent of the asian tradition of eating tofu after one’s release from captivity to cleanse oneself, a return to pureness. OMGaga.

Greenladies said...

Amazing. I hadn't even the faintest interest in her until I started watching her videos. Didn't realize it was 9.5 minutes long until it was almost over. Two much to mention. Jai Rodriguez from Queer Eye???

teresa said...

That. was. incredible. i'm going to watch it daily.

Adan the Tiger said...

The sandwich-making scene fingers-and-teeth dance moves.

Spy Kitten said...

Things I loved that we didn't talk about:

* When the prison guards strip Gaga! Oh man!
* Paper Gangsta playing on the boombox. Boomboxes are effin rad!
* Prison bitch fight
* Ok...the sunglasses she is wearing in the in the soda can scene is a COMB! That's what she combs her hair back with!! I might explode from the awesomeness.
* Gaga has the hottest body of anyone...ever.
* The "getting out of prison" dance!! Wow! I <3 that you noticed.
* The "getting out of prison" hat.
* Tyrese! Tyrese! Tyrese!!!
* Beyonce's eye makeup and hat in the restaurant.
* The radtastic dance done in the kitchen.
* Gloves with only fingers! WHA???? Crazy talk!
* Gaga's crotch dance at 8:45. This is now the dance I shall do when I've had too much to drink.
* The flowy dresses reminded me of "To Wong Foo"
* The hole in Gaga's glove at the end.

This is my only real beef:
I HATE when they are eating the food. It's too much for me. The sounds, the eating while talking. ugh... just way too disgusting.