What I Wore 3.31.10

A few weekends ago I went to this thrift store in L.A. called "St. Vincent's". It has stolen my heart. It's huge--like multiple warehouse size- and they have clothes for a dollar on the weekend. I amassed a ton of work clothes that weekend. All the basics I needed to not show cleavage and make the impression that I sorta have it together... and this sheer, pink number.

I knew when I saw it that it would be worth every penny. It's an old Frederick's of Hollywood* robe, and it went down to my feet. This morning I cut off the extra length, and used the scraps as a belt. I rouched up the sleeves using safety pins. It was ready to go after that little makeover.

It's a little remensicent of Rodarte's winter line they did for Target.

Speaking of Rodarte for Target, I couldn't resist pairing their lazer cut knee-hi's with this. They go with everything. I mean that. I wear these puppies everywhere.

Pink gown- Fredericks of Hollywood (via St. Vincent's in Los Angeles) $1
white dress- No label (Goodwill on Shaw in Fresno) $3.50
laser cut thigh hi's- Rodarte for Target (via Goodwill on Blackstone )$1
shoes- John Fluevog Pinups (via Goodwill in Los Feliz) $5--they were having a 1/2 sale

*Ok, am I the only person who thinks of Dolly Parton's "Working Girl" when they hear about Fredericks? Also, has some punk band done a cover of this song? It must be done if it hasn't already! I am telling you, it's SO GOOD.


Nix Sidhe said...

This is lovely! I adore your modifications too!

Elizabeth said...

Fluevogs for $5. You have the touch, my dear. And hell yes I'm jealous.