Easter party in the valley.

Easter in the valley. What's jarring is that everything is so quiet out there. That, and you can find parking.

We were lucky enough to be invited to a friends' Easter party on Saturday. Their backyard was perfect! Huge and full of roses.

And a bar.

There were other things too, like a full meal spread that had been catered. I loaded up on mac and cheese.

The kids decorated Easter cookies with sprinkles and pastel icing.

I monitored the sweets table.

This blew my mind! The amazing cupcake in a cone! I gotta try making these myself. There is possibly nothing cuter!


Spy Kitten Sparkles said...

Omg! Last year, for my birthday, my bff's daughter made a ton of those "cupcakes in a cone" for me. I call them Ice Cream Cupcakes (sans ice cream). They were yummy!!! If you make them, save one for meeeeee!

Aurore said...

We should really plan a party where these are the dessert. They blow my mind!