Ok, so we ate out A LOT this past week. This is not normal behavior. The intention was to go to the grocery store, but you can't go to the grocery store hungry, so we had to stop and get something to eat...at OINKSTER!

Oinkster is delicious. It's the sorta place I pass by and instantly start yearning for. I knew I was in for it. I usually get the pulled pork sandwich but in my efforts to eat better I decided to get the veggie burger. I ain't gonna lie, it was greasy. Greasy and good.

Here's the thing though. Usually I am not a huge fry person. But here, I have to get them. I think it's because of the garlic sauce. HOLY MOLY! Get two of those little plastic tubs, because you'll want to drink them. I think all of their sauces are made at the restaurant, including the ketchup.

I really examined (with my mouth chomping) this veggie burger. It's not a gardenburger--think heartier. I def. saw some carrots and sunflower seeds in there.

I've heard amazing things about the cheeseburgers at Oinkster, but haven't try them because I think about missing out on the veggie or pulled pork. I wonder if I could handle all three in one sitting. That sounds delicious!

The dope-azzz Run-DMC shirt. Oddly, far more cool than a Run-DMC shirt. Such is life.

Oinkster is here:

2005 Colorado Boulevard
Eagle Rock, CA 90041

Go getcha sum!

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