Taco Fiesta

Taco Fiesta is the home of the best carne asada I've had since Fresno. Luckily this little place is walkable from my home. Actually, luckily and unluckily, because my diet is not thanking me.

I know "taco" is in the name, but I always test a new place by getting a fairly standard carne asada burrito. No funky sour cream or guac or cheese. A good burrito won't need any of that stuff. I am, however, a lemon junkie. So I squeeze a little lemon on the burrito during the taste test, and if it makes me close my eyes in ecstacy, than I know it's worth coming back to.

This burrito makes me do that. It's hefty too, especially considering the paltry 5 dollar charge. I usually split one for lunch and dinner. Ben contends that the food is so good here because the same guy in the back has been making the goods for years.

Taco Fiesta is located at:
4501 North Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90065

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Nix Sidhe said...

I want to go to there....