First Kiss

This has been in the pipeline for awhile now, but it's official! I made it into Marisa Meltzer & Elizabeth Spiradekis' one-off zine, First Kiss. It's been a long time since I've been part of a zine, and I'm beyond overjoyed with the content and focus of this little bug.

(Pic ganked from the First Kiss tumblr)

There's gonna be a big ol reading on May 26th at 92Y Tribeca Hall in New York. If I had my way, I'd be there, but this lady's gotta work in the morning. If you are anywhere near I suggest you buy your tix now because this sucker might just sell out. I could or could not be hyperbolizing. This zine is like a who's who of funny/notable people whom I'll probably go grape-nuts for in a following paragraph. There are articles about it on NY Mag, Interview Magazine, GQ, Village Voice, Time Out New York, ect. Basically, I'm gushing. It feels so good to be part of this!

...And to think, that kiss really blew. Who'd have thought it would pay off a good 15 years later!

You can order the zine here. And you should totes pick it up. Such a great project.

Ok, so here's the who's who of noteables (of course I'm biased but nonetheless):

*Tavi Gevinson- Teen fashion blogress

*Spencer Tweedy-yes, that Tweedy, of Wilco family lineage

*Brendan Donnelly- Not even going to explain. If you don't read his blog, I cry for you

*Laura Spinella- My L.A. transplant homie! I got a sneak peak at her story and it made me ache. As all firsts should.


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Elizabeth said...

hyperbolizing is my new favorite word.