What I Wore 4.11.10

I have got to get back on the blogging wagon! Figured I'd start off slow with a What I Wore post, and then ease on in to the real meat of my life, which includes buying lipstick because I got a full time job that I actually like!

This outfit was totally inspired by my friend, Elizabeth. I miss her at random times, and can't wait to see her in June! She's been a strong force in my life for the past couple of years (I can honestly say she was one of the most positive benefits I recieved from my last full-time stint). Elizabeth is one of Fresno's treasures.

Things I want to do with Elizabeth:
*eat at Clifton's
*clomp around in our Fluevog's
*eat at Tacos Fiesta

I think it's safe to say we both like good food.

This dress was hanging off a rack at the thrift store, crying. It was a mess but in my usual color palate so I figured I'd give it a shot. The print sorta reminded me of that Miu Miu collection I fell in love with.

Dress: handmade @ St. Vincent De Paul, $1.99
Shoes: Indigo @ a thrift store in Fresno in the Tower District, $5.99
Jacket: Gap @ Goodwill in Visalia
Button: found in the supply closet at work, free!
Belt: Forever 21 in Pasadena (apparently they have valet, I am not joking), $3.99
Sunglasses: Ebay, $10

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