Cat calls?

Two months later--but I am so into C. Sevingy's line for Opening Ceremony. It's got me making dresses in my head. They are the exact same dresses I would have worn when I was thirteen. And twenty nine, apparently.

There just isn't anything as bad ass as a short skirt and animal print. That's my motto, as of when this collection came out.

So get this. OF COURSE I had a major bout of '90's lady nostalgia when I saw all of the bug sunglasses, high waisted dresses, and platform shoes. I used to watch music videos with the sound off to look at how these ladies in particular were styling their clothes are doing their makeup.

I wasn't too keen on that band Garbage (but what does it tell you that I gave them a shot because of the Vig-Smashing Pumpkins connection). That said, I really thought Shirley Manson was just the most sleek bad ass when she wore those solid colored '60's shifts with her black boots. And dude, the eyeliner! She probably had to get a room for her pencil.

This C. Love period was so MAJOR that I shouldn't even attempt to articulate how much it affected me. I bought my first pair of grown up mary janes at Payless, thanks to her. My mother looked at me like I'd gone nutz. Welcome to being a teenager.

I have been looking for ages for Drew's old Miu Miu campaign (hardcopy, yo), but no dice! It's all online though, thank goodness. Drew was so adorable and when she started dating Eric Erlanderson and being buddies with C. Love I almost freaked out.

I still might not be done because look at this picture! I HAVE NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE. Get on my desktop! Oh baby.

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