Honeymoon at Madonna Inn.

Hope you've got a bowl of table grapes next to you, because this is a lot of pictures. Get ready for some snackin.

By the time Ben and I got married two weekends ago, all we wanted to do was relax. I mean, like, I had this nap planned and it was going to be the most luxurious, amazing, superior nap to end all naps.

We had decided to take this epic nap at The Madonna Inn. Two days in San Luis Obispo was just what the doctor ordered. I'd stayed there before, but it was Ben's first time, and going with him made me giddy.

We booked about two months in advance, one late night, after realizing that we hadn't really thought about a honeymoon at all. Just that nap. The Madonna Inn was close enough to L.A. that we could get there in a speed drive after work (three hours), and far enough away that we were actually out of our gnarly lit-up freeway bubble. We had made a spreadsheet of the rooms we wanted for each night (Ben is a big believer in the Excel spreadsheet. I am not yet converted but appreciate it's organizational capabilities). We ended up with both of our first choice rooms. YES!

So, last Friday, we zipped out of our lovely, big city and headed up north. The Madonna was lit up like an oasis. I could barely contain myself as we checked in and promptly squeeeee'd once we actually opened the door to our first room...

The Krazy Dazy!

Ok...it wasn't so krazy. We chose this room based solely on it's cuteness factor. Would stuffed animals be cool in it? Yes? Then clearly so would we.

I love that the asthetics here are such serious business. Daisies in the shower and on the garbage can. Everything is a chance at decorating opportunity!

Where do we get that wallpaper?!

Other than this nap of Gods, our other goal was to have pink drinks by the pool. I had a Pink Cloud and Ben had a pink lemonade. I would like a Pink Cloud every evening, please. Crimony. Strawberries and whipped cream. Tell it to my nutritionist.

The infamous pink sugar in the cafe! Oh wow, how I love this place.

We indulged in Madonna cake in the cafe. Ben's mom made our wedding cakes (she's amazingly talented, and we couldn't stop stuffing our faces!) and we learned a lot from her. I'm pretty certain she would appriciate these cakes: spiced apple and raspberry. The slices were so big that we nibbled on them the rest of the night and also served them as our breakfast.

The waterfall outside the cafe. There is stained glass everywhere, framed by handcarved, dark wood. It's jaw-dropping how much time and effort went into this place.

We went into the gift shop and I fully expected the bedazzling, but did not expect it to actually be cute! Not one Juicy tracksuit in sight!

These little fishy truffles were hanging out by the register. Which contained tape that was pink. Of course.

The ceiling of the women's restroom.

The gorgeous steakhouse. We didn't eat here because we don't really like steak. Except asada. In burritos. I guess I could have at least asked if they would make some asada.

Ben made sure to get a pic inside the famed mens restroom near the steakhouse. There's a waterfall in there too. Have someone hold the door if you are a lady, and take a looksie.

Our second room was The Dot and Daisy. We love themes. Similar color palate, but more grown-up than our first room. We decided that the balcony was a plus, but nothing could top our first room.

The view from the balcony of The Dot And Daisy. Perfect for mimosas.

This was the bright pink, glittery wallpaper of the bathroom of our second room. I want to make dresses of this. So great! I can't imagine life being that bad if you get to come home to this.

We met this amazing couple at the Silver Bar. They both were super friendly, danced to the live band and told us that the secret to living long was being positive. Just look at their smiles! I want to be like them when I grow up.

A note about the Silver Bar, where we met them seated on barstools sipping beer: I fell in love with this bar straight off--maybe I've grown accustomed to low-lit caves in L.A., and this struck me as magical because of all the light and the pink! Where is there something akin to this in Los Angeles? Particularly the East side?

Oh! Did I mention how thoughtful and amazing this place was? Yes, it was immaculate. Yes, it was visually decadent and made us into big-smile, goofballs. Yes, we made lists on the way home of whom we thought would love it as much as we did.

The cherry on top?

When we arrived, there was champagne, chocolates, and a purple balloon, along with a little note from the owners that said, "Congratulations".

It was simple, sweet, thoughtful and kind, which was the true essence of the place.

Can't wait to go back.


Jenn said...

That dress is so adorable. Juicy tracksuits would have ruined it. ps: did you get your amazing photography skillz studying under a certain prom queen???

Stephanie said...

I could kick myself for not going in there for one more martini before i left town. Madonna Inn is amazing.

Also that couple? I used to see them EVERYWHERE.

Kristin said...

Lava. Looks like a perfect Honeymoon for you guys.

sarah marie p said...

I love that you guys had your honeymoon at the Madonna Inn. TOO PERFECT! Thanks for sharing these photos! John and I had took a second round of wedding photos a few months after the wedding and we took several photos at the Madonna Inn -- in one of the dining rooms & outside, near the pool. Another time John and I stopped for some tea and a few giant slices of cake. YUM! That place is fabulous! Oh dang I never saw the pink sugar. I must go back now!

sarah marie p said...

I love both of your dresses featured in this post. So beautiful!