The Wedding Post

This is the Wedding Blog entry.

Even though Ben and I got married almost a month ago, I wanted to wait to write "The Wedding" entry til I had pictures. When I saw them today, I knew they had been worth the wait. Not that I expected anything less.

See, I've worked with this photographer before. I'd be amiss not to have used Jenn Emerling, who managed to be both photographer and bridesmaid. I wouldn't wish that on many people, but as you'll see, she pulled it off. I couldn't have asked for more gorgeous, effortless looking pictures to remember this day by.

Our friends and family were so valuable to us the days leading up to and the wedding itself. I had taken three days off before the wedding, and it was still not enough time to pull everything together. Luckily my bachelorette party was a Lady Gaga-themed craft night. We actually had stations. We put together the flowers and party favors, remaining decorations, and headbands. Omg. And had Cho's potstickers.

Our favors were tickets to Angel's Flight. Ben took me here on our first date, when he was giving me a tour of Los Angeles and trying to convince me that the place wasn't horrible. It's the shortest railway and leads up and down on Bunker Hill. It's just reopened. We attached an excerpt from Ben's blog he had written about the night. Obviously he was very convincing because I ended up moving here.

We didn't get too much into decorations. Since our ceremony was at the Lummis Home outside, we let the beautiful gardens and natural stone structure do the talking. Laura and Zach (lifesavers!) hung paper airplanes to lead the way for guests from the street to the ceremony site.

Our friend Alexandra Stayer is a makeup artist. I learned a ton from her--some I should have known before. Now I moisturize my face and use an eye cream. My skin looks a lot better. She was great, and her doing my makeup was the most relaxing part of my day.

The Lummis Home was amazing at 5 pm. It was getting dark quickly, but the light glowed through the trees. A few weeks later, Ben was told that he looked like an angel bathed in light.

Ok, I was really proud of our outfits so I'm going to take a moment to talk about them.

I bought the dress for twenty-five bucks at a little vintage place in Pasadena called The Majestical Roof. It was so cheap because the buttons were coming off the back. Are you kidding me? I can sew buttons in my sleep. I ended up cutting out the back so it was lower, sewing pearls around the neck, and adding the pink fringe. The shoes actually cost more than the dress, but even then, they were on clearance--I think they were about fifty bucks. I made my veil myself, from things at the fabric store and my aunt made the bracelet on a whim about ten minutes before the ceremony. I LOVED my dress--loved that it was cheap, loved that it was vintage, loved that it was short and flippy and not princess-y and I had not seen another one like it. I will totally wear it again.

Ben's suit was vintage from Jake in Silver Lake. We learned a ton from the proprietor; how to really match up suits with shirts and ties, "breaking up the real estate" using kerchiefs and tie pins. The suit was in perfect condition. He ended up getting it tailored and it is beautiful.

Jenn found me this amazing umbrella for our shoot. It was such a great surprise. I love accessories and I ended up using it on the honeymoon as well.

We were so lucky to have friends and family to donate their talents to the occassion. Ben's mother made five cakes! They had different flavors and fruit fillings. They were all decorated with frosting patterns and things I pulled out of my craft drawers. I was over the moon about these cakes! They were so pretty and perfect.

Ben's mom also made a groom's cake. I didn't even know what a groom's cake was, but I thought this was so cool, since Ben and I met while he was on tour with The Rentals years ago.

My ladies. Without them I would have melted down. No joke. I love how my sister and I look like SISTERS! We didn't grow up together so I still trip out. We are so alike it's not even funny.

Ben's men. Patrick got really into his outfit and wouldn't take his blue Converse off all weekend! We wanted people to coordinate, but still maintain their own style, be comfortable, and be able to wear things again if they liked. Members Only jackets were the obvious choice.

Someone said to one of the groomsmen, "...you look like my dad". I guess your dad was stylin!

I think at this point Ben was unnerved by my intensity. Gameface!

For those that don't know Kim's father, Kenny, well, he's basically a legend. So legendary, in fact, that his karaoke performance inspired one of our guests to pat his butt in time to "Ring of Fire". WHAT!

Kim and Cho caked each other, which I sadly missed.

There was a point where I saw Kim and Jenn really get down to business on a lane. Couldn't wait to see what Jenn would come up with! Kim's gorgeous and unafraid. Always makes for great photos!

Cho, our officiant, came equipped to party with her Backstreet Boys necklace. She's such a heartbreaker!

I like the way the green beer matches his suit. Look at Brother Eric in the back!

This had to have been towards the end of the night.

Elizabeth and I later smeared on Kim's red lipstick. We channeled Courtney Love.

Brother Eric and his lady! The facial hair was in full effect.

Christina and Kristin finally got to spend some time together. They both have really good senses of humor, I should have seen this coming!

Elizabeth, Roger, and The Butler. You can't see it, but The Butler wore his tuxedo shirt.

Jennifer, Tatiana, and Alexandra (our amazing makeup artist). Later, while Ben and I were looking at these pictures, I told him, "Look at my cheekbones! Ali kicked ass!" Ben said, "I know, I should have had her work on me!"

Does Cho plan these things or is she naturally brilliant?

The breakdown:

I would like to note that I totally didn't think we could pull this off initially, mainly because of money. Also, having helped with friends weddings, I've seen how stressful and crazy it can get.

We both wanted to keep things low-key, but in the planning stages realized that things were adding up quick. We were paying for everything ourselves, so we tried to consider all of our options.

If you are planning a wedding, I encourage you to search out the resources you have and ask for help. Ben found our venue just by walking by and asking if they'd be willing to be open after hours. The Lummis Home was incredibly nice and affordable. Like, unbelievably affordable. Like, don't discount getting married in this city because of money, because this is the place you need to call before you rule it out.

We had our food catered by India Sweets And Spices. We love that restaurant, and I was bummed that I didn't really get to eat during the reception! I think naan would taste so good with this blog entry. They were also totally affordable.

The reception was at Montrose Bowl. For the longest time we couldn't figure out a reception site that was funky, had some history, and would not be a katrillion dollars. This place was awesome. We loved the inside and Jenn knew right away that she wanted to use the turquoise walls as her photobooth backdrop. It's small--8 lanes--but it was perfect for our party of 100. People bowled, they ate, they drank, they sang karaoke.

Best decision we made? (Other than getting married) Getting karaoke! The group sing-along to "We Are The World" was the greatest symbol of how important and wonderful it was to have the people we love there. Our friends and family's efforts are what really pulled this thing off. It meant so much to us to have not only their support, but their activities launching us into the world of Married.

Fin. And thanks for coming. xo


Kat said...

this wedding is totally fabulous! id love to blog it on my website www.rocknrollbride.com. Drop me an email if youre interested and i'll let you know what i need!

teresa said...

Wowwww. Best wedding ever! (Makes me want to get married, and I never want to get married.)

sarah marie p said...

Congrats! Yay! I'm so happy for you guys! I'm so glad you posted these pictures -- they are absolutely gorgeous ... and silly, and fun and full of love! Your dress is so beautiful and special. YAY PINK! Those shoes are outta control cool. Seriously so pretty! I love that you had your reception at a bowling alley. LOVE IT! I love that teal background for pictures. Here's to a wonderfully happy life together, you two love birdies!