What I Wore 8.20.2010

When I decide to set foot outside our little bungalow, it's usually in a dress, especially since there is a major heat wave passing through Los Angeles. My selections are usually determined by the presence of air conditioning. I miss tights. I miss the eighty degree weather.

Since my weakness is a party dress, my closet is starting to look like a rainbow. I found this one on clearance (of course) and it's REALLY short. Like, pre-teen hemline short. I am not normally into bubble skirts because they make me feel like an old broad trying to look hip, but this grandma-ish print sorta evens it out. Plus, I finally found my Scorpio blazer (mysterious! because it was missing!) and it's longer than the hem of the dress.

What I'm trying to say, is that I don't think it's as scandalous as it had the potential to be.

dress: Forever 21 in Pasadena. The one with the valet I never use because I have a Metro/boyfriend pass. Marked down to $4.99

belt: Goodwill on Blackstone in Fresno. I think it was a dollar.

Sunglasses: These are so old, I honestly don't remember where they came from. Probably a thrift store. They aren't my favorites; those got crushed in my purse after a karaoke adventure! Disaster. I need to find some facimiles soon, because these guys just don't have the edge I'd like.

blazer: $5.99 at St. Vincent's in Cypress Park. It's right off the Gold Line, which I am so thankful for. A warehouse full of thrift-priced stuff. They do close early and lack solid air conditioning, so I've been passing as of late. But that doesn't mean I don't think longingly of it.

Boots: Zappos.com, Sam Edelman, $198.95

These are my new babies. They make me taller than Ben, at least 6 feet tall, which I love. They are fairly comfortable for heels, and have managed to make it through a night of dancing and a separate night of band watching.

Big time splurge for me, but I did manage to score a gift card and free shipping. I was totally impressed with Zappo's customer service, and will totally go back to them. The woman who helped me even sent me a handwritten thank you card complete with glitter to my snail mail! Unheard of! We are totally sole sisters. I cannot gush enough and might even dedicate a whole post to the experience.

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