Dumpling Station

I was walking around downtown Pasadena on a hunt for orange lipstick (the quest never ends) and came across mecca...aka a frickin dumpling truck!

Food trucks are a dime a dozen here. Everyone hires them for their parties and weddings and outdoor events. I don't really pay them any mind anymore (oh, I'm so jaded) except that THIS truck was peddling dumplings.

I am, admittedly, a dumpling freak, so I had to go for it. Dumplings were cheap and tasty, but don't measure up to Cho's famous dumplings. What does, right? Anyhow, they are a great substitute when Cho is not making me fatter.

Pork dumplings! The sauces were good.

An older man spied me eating near the dumpling truck with my camera next to me. He asked if I'd like a picture of the dumplings and myself! OF COURSE! I'm no fool.

Garlic fries with wasabi sauce. Oh my! These were aces--better than the dumplings. Where is that truck right now?

I would advise that you have some time to wait once your order has been placed. Dumplings take time, just like love ("to heal when you're hurting so much". My karaoke reparte is expanding. Watch out!). The garlic fry/dumpling combo can make for an artery clogging dinner. That's a lot of food and a lot of grease. My favorite combination!

Since food trucks are slammin around all over the city, it's easy to just keep track of what's near you via twitter. Dumpling Station is on board. Ok, now go dip those dumplings!

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