Oh lord, I love this Chubby Bunny bow! I've been wearing it everywhere I can, if I can manage to fit my head through the door.

Yeah, really into headgear right now.

Other things I've been enjoying:

Van Halen's video for "Hot For Teacher". This song is on repeat right now. It came out when I was three so I never realized it's true genius, although I've always favored the David Lee Roth version of Van Halen (maybe one of the reasons I had to leave Fresno was people were so stoked to get a Cabo Wabo. I remember someone asking if I was going to the opening and I responded with "...it's...Sammy Hagar." Well, if I'm a snob, at least I'm choosy, right? Ugh.).The drums! The guitar! The "whoooooowwwwwww!" How many years of ballet training did DLR endure?

I've started cutting off the sleeves to my dresses, and cutting off the collars to my shirts.

Meeting up with PPH at Little Cave, and introducing him to Chuck. They had car nerd talk and it was amazing to watch the magic!

Going to Fashion's Night Out on Melrose with Jeremy, Ben, and Courtney.

Eating a bloody slab of meat on Labor Day! And eating ice cream in colored cones for desert.

Rubbing lemon juice on my face in the morning.

Reading "Creative Inc" and "Never Eat Alone" in tandem. They are both about building a business and connecting with others. Great books for the train ride into work and coming home because they amp me up to be productive for a few hours after work and before I go to sleep!

Listening to Ben practice guitar in the front room while I draw. With a beer. Have I mentioned life is rad right now?


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