What I Wore 9.26.2010

Today I channeled Minnie Mouse.

I am head over heels for my Chubby Bunny for Hello Kitty bow. I found it while out with friends exploring Royal T and their Neverending Story show. It's been such a fun headpiece to wear around.

I love this dress...now. When I found it in the thrift store it was miles of too long yardage around the bottom, and hearty sleeves. Are you kidding?? The print is so in-your-face that it needs to be balanced. I cut off the sleeves entirely and made the bottom into a mini. Much better.

This dress is sheer and I'd love to get a sparkly slip to go underneath it. Til then, I've just been sporting rad underwear.

Crazy face shot!

Dress: No brand name, St. Vincent Thrift in the nowhereland between where the 5 and the 110 meet in L.A. $3.75

Chubby Bunny for Hello Kitty hair bow

belt: Forever 21 in Pasadena. I don't remember the price but about three dollars sounds about right.

bracelet: gift from Ben's father. He works at Disney World in Orlando!

I use this belt all the time! And you probably can't tell, but that bracelet has Mickey Mouse shaped beads. It's smile inducing!


Jenn said...

You are so cute I can hardly stand being apart from you any longer! Also I just ripped off my tour guide vest in a fit of rage because I want to be in LA shopping with you right this second.

Stephanie said...