On My Head, All the Time.

When I lived with Laura, we had conversations about Collections. I considered Laura more of a collector than myself, because I tend to, uh, not hold onto things.

Turns out I'm a LIAR! I just collect things I didn't know that I collected. Like, Things That Can Go On A Head. I read a long time ago that you will be remembered if you wear a hat. I'm into headgear in general--I don't limit to hats.

I feel naked.

Self made with a little help from my jewelry box and the dollar store.

I was going to wear this for the reception at our wedding in July. I was too tired to remember to do a costume change. I made this as well. The key was supposed to be a chastity belt homage.

Birthday gift from Jenn, for making it to age 29.

Ben's top hat. I didn't know we had this, but I love it and will wear it out. He said it's his "Caroling" hat. I believe him.

A children's hat from Gymboree. I worked there last year and had a blast--kids stores always have the best casual hats! This one has little scottie dogs on it.

Old old old. Handmade from a thrift store. It has weird oil stains on the inside.

Ben's hat from touring with The Rentals.

Ben's hat from the Nerf Herder tour.

I put this together two weeks ago from scraps I found, at the last minute. It was made specifically for my jaunt over to the Vivienne Westwood showroom.

Ok, I love these berets. They are so easy to throw on when I'm having A TIME with my hair.

This one was also from Gymboree. Another perk to shopping at kids stores: everything gets marked down super cheap. Kid prices!

Bow from Gymboree.

Beret from a thrift store. This beret is so thick that it's sometimes difficult to fit over my huge head.

Bought these right after Easter at the Goodwill. I usually wear it to birthday parties.

I made this hat when I was 12 and learning how to sew on my mom's machine.

Chubby Bunny's Hello Kitty bow. Love this thing.

I always try to wear my bow headbands on the right, like Blair Waldorf.

Cowboy hat my friend Miranda made me!

Bows that Laura handmade and gifted to me.

Veil I made for the wedding.

Betsey Johnson hat Jenn gifted me for making it to year 30.

Ben's Hamburglar hat!

My fake Mary Kate Olsen half-turban.


Stephanie said...

i want a hello kitty chubby bunny bow.

Laura said...

You must have forgotten how your head scarves took over our bathroom!