Ben's Birthday Fort

Ben's birthday was yesterday. While he was at work, I built him this fort, so that he could just come home and chill out (he started a new job this morning--so I knew that a big celebration yesterday was gonna be a bit much).

Since Ben is a big kid at heart, I went for bright colors and a fun sign. I've put together forts before, but never in a room this small. It went over the bed, and I wanted it to fit in a way that wouldn't be difficult to move around in, and also would allow for the light from the window to come through. We like all the light we can get!

I used fishing line and thread to get the fabric up. Fishing line is the best thing ever. It's clear so everything looks like it's floating, and if you choose a heavy gauge it can really handle some weight.

Paper airplanes.

I wish I had a picture of Kim Burly as she called him while he was at work, and sang, "Happy Birthday" Marilyn Monroe-style. Kim said he sounded uncomfortable. SCORE!

I moved the pillows over to side of the bed, and laid out his pajamas, along with a card I made. His real present happens on December 19th, but I wanted to do something special on his birthday. When he came home, he cuddled up in the fort and watched his favorite movie, "Elf" while drinking some wine. I made shrimp and vegetable pasta, and some strawberries and cream.

Totally low-key birthday for Ben--it was fun to put together!

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