Don't have coffee with ladies.

On Sunday, I was with Michelle for another ladydate. As usual, we got into the conversation about how we are moving with momentum toward our goals and dreams and oh-so-swiftly, I remembered the idea of becoming the person you want to be. I am now a full time freelancer, and my heart is open to the world. Time to look the part! We finished our coffee and blueberry tart, then I trotted over to the beauty supply for bleach and pink dye.

Two bleachings later (yee-ow!), and a bit of Punky Color in Rose Red, and I'm one step closer to being me. After being a corporate cog, this feels like a breath of fresh air.


Michelle Bonfils said...

Absolutely Stunning Lady Artiste!

Lindsay said...

You are such an inspiration! I totally appreciate all that you are doing and being! Thank you for living your dream! <3!

Love love love,