Ostrich Farm Adventure!

During Thanksgiving, Ben and I drove to Arizona to spend time with my sister and nephew. Aside from grazing over an amazing dinner, cuddling, and watching Elf, we traveled over to the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Farm.

Our hosts had been to the farm before, and it didn't take much arm twisting to get us out there. I'd never seen an ostrich in person and was floored by their size--easily towering over me. I had been warned that the ostrich were not shy, and that was an understatement. We went in holding feed and their necks jammed over to my cup, and their peaks (truly prehistoric looking!) clasped at the goodies. These guys were not messing around! You could feel the force.

We also fed the ostriches oranges. This was one of the more bizarre moments that has since burned it's memory in my mind. Ostriches eat things whole, so you could watch the wedge of orange slide down their necks, like a snake. The experience made me immensely grateful that I have teeth.

There was a smaller area for deer--far more docile and sweet. You can guess which one was my spirit animal.

Also, donkeys! These guys were so chill! Ben went up to each of them and scratched their ears. He also had a little conversation with them. Secrets were told.

I can't not mention the Monster Truck Tour! This was easily the most raucus part of our visit. Seriously fun! We took off in a flurry of dust and our guide (who is the daughter of the couple that run the business) wowed us over and over again. Talk about enthusiastic! She took us all around the farm, peppered us with facts about ostriches, plants, and the land we were on. If you come out, make sure you hop onto the monster truck. It's beyond!

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