Scorpio Birthday Extravaganza!

A few weeks ago, my darlings Kim and Jenn came down from Fresno to celebrate my thirtieth birthday. Chuck and I had hatched a plan to go out to the valley and have a Scorpio Extravaganza Party. Since Chuck is very good at singing, and I am very good at telling sad love stories, we decided that the festivities would center around Karaoke. We went to The Lampliter in Chatsworth and did it up!

I am not kidding when I say that! Kim had three costume changes, and Jenn had two, one of which was her amazing unicorn outfit.

The first outfits were leather dresses. I found these puppies at the thrift store and they didn't fit me, but they totally fit my ladies. It was meant to be! Kim told Ben when we arrived, "How awkward...the booth and I wore the same thing tonight!"

Kim was there as her alter ego, a Russian Spy. She drank White Russians all night and had a sexy accent.

Ben brought an amazing carrot cake from Clifton's in downtown Los Angeles. So good!

Kim and another costume change, based on Star Trek.

I don't know this guy. But he let me sit in his lap, look into his eyes, and sing to him. Happy birthday to me!

I wish you could see Jenn's shoes with her unicorn outfit! Silver booties with fringe. So amazing!

Kim in her third costume change, a polka dot dress.

Jenn is intense! Luckily you know exactly what she's thinking...

Just making the rounds, from table to table.

Ben, aka "Matthew" for the night, holding court.

Scorpios! Kim let me take a hit off her Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn lavender lipstick. Love it!

Can't get over the unicorn dress. It makes faces shimmer!

I know I've had a good night with karaoke when I'm able to pull someone random from the audience and they willingly let me serenade or dance with them. This lady was awesome! We both had a blast.

Chuck really loved this sequin bow.

Both of the leather dresses. Holy moly. I love family restaurants!

Kim singing Chuck and I "Happy Birthday". <3

The next day, we scooted around L.A., grubbing on tacos. I was so happy to see Jenn and Kim! It's tough to see them as much as I would like (in fact, sadly impossible). I always hear horror stories about turning thirty and how you start to freak about wrinkles and extra slices of pizza. I still get a ton of zits, so maybe time is moving a little slower for me.


Stephanie said...

i love these pictures! i want to hang out with you someday

Aurora said...

Don't tease me, Stephanie! You know you have a place to crash down here!