Hair Wars!

I'm not totally sure, but I might have that SAD thing. Short Winter days are a total bummer, and since changing careers I've had to change my schedule, my lifestyle, my spending habits. All this, during the Winter, which during the past few weeks in Los Angeles has meant torrential rain! Kiss of death! It's enough to make you want to blog from bed.

One of the things I've had to sacrifice is going to see my usual hairstylist, Nikki, whom I absolutely adore. She's talented, cute, and can muse over karaoke choices. What a lady! She is, however, very popular and tough to get an appointment with. And, not to mention, I just don't have the skrill to be spending like I used to. She's not even THAT expensive, you know? I'm just regulating.

I'll admit it--I haven't seen her in about seven months, and my hair was a total wreck. I kept cutting the bangs with a razor in the bathroom, and pinning up the back so no-one could spy how wacky things had gotten. I stopped feeling punk rock and started feeling like a schlub.

Yesterday, I decided that it was time to throw in the towel. I wanted to see MY LADY, but I knew money was going to play a factor. I promised myself I would see her when things change, and then started looking through Yelp.

Somehow I stumbled upon Manic Panic Salon in Highland Park. What the heck? Like, THE Manic Panic? From New York? The Manic Panic that had me stripping my hair and dying it in junior high? They had stellar reviews, are right down the street, and their prices were, well, cheap. It's been a long time since I've done cheap with hair. But I didn't have much of an alternative.

I called this morning, and expected to book an appointment in about a week. Instead, Laura fit me in for today, so long as I could be there in half an hour. Heck. Yes. I was about to experience relief from my Hair War!

You have to understand how dire the situation was. My hair is thick and kinky. I have a dry scalp, and my hair is crying from being dyed over and over again. It grows unevenly all over my head. It had gotten to the point that I usually wear a hat out in public. When I get my hair cut, I feel the need to explain that all of this is going on, and then wince, hoping that the stylist can refrain from giving me looks of disgust in the mirror (yes, this has happened).

I'm trying to grow my hair out, but I knew that I would have to lose some length in order to get my weave healthy again. I told Laura to just do what she needed to do. Just make me look like less of a hood rat, please. I know you've got your work cut out for you. Whaaa whaa.

Half an hour later, I was laughing along with this lady as she told me about shows and fights. Ugh, Laura could totally be my friend! She took her time cutting and hooked me up with a free blow-dry. I could not believe I had a hairSTYLE again. It felt SO GOOD when she finished.

The kicker was when I stood up and my hair swung! I haven't had swing-y hair in ages--I always lop it off before it gets long enough- and it caught me by surprise. It smelled great. Laura gave me a cute little asymmetrical a-line bob, and I told her I finally felt like a lady again. "Well, hopefully not too much of a lady," she responded.

I could not believe this cut. Get an appointment in the morning on a weekday, so Laura can give you a ton of attention. Bring change for parking (it's L.A., I can't believe I'm even writing that...).

Dude, my hair is smooth and doesn't resemble a mushroom. The Hair War (for now) is over!

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Stephanie said...

my god i know what you mean. my hair grows fast and i haven't found a stylist here yet at all. Nothing will ever compare to what Melisa at Faces Ala Mode ever did for me *all 110 dollars a trip of it* but im gonna have to give in soon and get this shit cut for real