Wear it.

A new year means new goals.

A few weeks ago, I wrote down a list of 30 things I wanted to accomplish in 2011.

I've always relied on lists, but this was the first time I posted one up in my workspace. I took a few hours to go through my desk and materials, getting rid of and organizing paper, ink, pencils, paint, and other necessities.

I made sure my favorite reference materials were within reaching distance. I put up pictures of lovely things. I made sure there was a candle and matches nearby.

I'm excited about putting things out into the universe. I keep reading that so many people don't know what to say when others ask, "What's up?", and that's a prime opportunity to share what you love and are working on!

So what's that mean? It means CHANGES. I'm going for details--I'll be setting up this blog a bit differently (re: I'm getting serious about it), posting tutorials, detailing the process of the projects I'm working on, and letting you get to know me a bit better. I've been pretty guarded with my journal because of leading a corporate past. No more!

It's businesstime, homies!

Each day since my massive organizational/goal overhaul has brought me new insight and opportunities. I'm keeping my eyes wide open! If you haven't already, say hello to me. Tell me what you love and loathe, let me know where you are.

I'm so, so happy you are reading and letting me share my dream, and, consequentially, my reality with you. We're in this together.

Let's go!

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