Valentine's Day Just got Sweeter.

Last year, I had a blast making custom portraits for Valentine's Day.

These were small, commissioned pieces at a flat rate of $40 each. I'm offering up the same deal this year. Lovely, frameable 5.5 x 8.5 full color ink works on heavy watercolor paper.

I absolutely love making these because they are completely your creation!

You choose what you want on it--colors, words, and images. It's your opportunity to be the Puppetmaster, and be freaked out of your mind with joy just in time for Valentine's Day. Sigh. Doesn't it feel great to be in control??

Each piece arrives to your mailbox safely wrapped just in time to gift to yourself (February is Radical Self Love Month! Do not forget!) or someone else.

Wanna send some love? Shoot me over an email at aurora.armijo@gmail.com and let's get this rolling.

As usual, I love you and I want to make dreams come true. xoxo

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